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Sam Stewart

Friday, August 13, 2010

LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I had so much fun reading all about you guys and your wedding plans. I had tears in my eyes reading the proposal! How sweet are you guys. I cant wait to see you down under at the end of the year!

Love Sam

Ginnie Martin

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Congratulations Jeff and Raquel! It was a beautiful wedding and we're so thankful to have been a part of it. It was also a great way to get the Daysons together, so thank you for giving us a reason for a mini-reunion.

It was a pleasure meeting you, Raquel, even though it was a quick introduction. I've known Jeffrey and his family when his cousin Richard and I were in dating and about to get married ourselves, and I can't agree with you more - uncle, auntie, Jeffrey, Cheryl and Ron are such wonderful people,- so full of love and fun, that I'm sure you felt all that immediately! And yes, Auntie Cora's Filipino food is definitely the BEST I've ever had!!! The Daysons all agree on that! May God bless you as you start a new life as husband and wife. I wish you both the very best!

Lelita Tungol

Monday, July 5, 2010

You make such a great couple - keep it that way.

As your travel down the road of life together, remember to have faith and trust in each other andr that you each come 1st with each other.

Myra Hess

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Humor and communication is the best recipe for good and solid marriage. I wish you the best. I will be waiting for the most beautiful "pamangkin" .


Love much,

Tita Myra

rosalia braeuner

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

congratulation, and i pray for a blissfull

marriage, i wish i had made it to your



Aida Agahan

Thursday, June 24, 2010


May you find long lasting love, faith, hope,

inspirations and comfort in each other!

Wish you the best! Cheers!

Very nice website..

Beth & Eric Lockhart

Thursday, June 24, 2010

We're wishing you the best of the best. Congratulations and Good Luck!

Gloria I. Roque

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My ever dearest Raquel & Jeff,

I thank GOD everyday for the finest, most precious daughter any mother can have and for the soon-to-be son-in-law sent down from heaven. I am so proud of you guys. You are truly destined for each other to go places and do great things together! May your love never end and may it continue to grow overtime. Good luck, congratulations, and I wish you the best of everything! I look forward to “Here comes the bride” and to the arrival of my “pogi or gandang apo”. Cheers! Happy days are here again!



Imelda Roque Najera

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Good luck,and I wish you both the best of

everything! May your love never end

and happy together forever.


Auntie Elda

Christina McCarver

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm so excited and happy for you guys! Congratulations!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Congrats and I wish all the best for both of you.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

congrats in advance to both of u ,God bless , just send us a video or photos of ur wedding

mary and natalie lising

Monday, June 7, 2010

so i got nosy today and decided to look on your page. you two are super cute and i wish nothing but the best for you guys! i still remember meeting your jeff YEARS ago when you two were dating for only a few months. so happy for you guys! Congrats!


Mary and Nat

Johnny de Rosas

Thursday, June 3, 2010

cute...looking forward to see everyone...

Paul najera

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

See you soon in Chicago for your wedding!

JiLLy & JuLiO bLaNcO

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Daddy and I will be there! Knowing the way he is, I told him its best for him to shut his mouth and let me post a comment on our behalf. You both mean so much to him and we wish you the best on your new journey!


JiLLy & Daddy

Chrissy and Lem

Monday, May 24, 2010

We just booked our tickets! Excited to see you two walk down the aisle as one!! Great job on the wedding website. Very cute!

Reynaldo P. Dayson

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jeff & Raquel,

We have our airline reservation already.

anthony agahan

Friday, May 14, 2010

Cuzzooooo!!!!!!! and.... Raquel!!! congrats from tony and thedda. we'll see you guys in june.


Friday, May 14, 2010

congratulation to both of you.

Vincent Buglio

Friday, May 14, 2010

This website is fantastic... You make it so easy for a procrastinator like me to RSVP and the pics and story of you two is so cute. This ls going to be a beautiful wedding and a beautiful marriage. Congratulations!

Jacqueline Noble

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Congratulations to one of my Oldest & Dearest Friends. I have never seen Raquel so happy as when she is with Jeff. I hope that God will bless you all the days of your lives and that those days will be spent in perfect happiness together. May your joy last forever!


"Tita Mai" - aka Fatima Isada Rocha

Saturday, April 17, 2010

What a lovely website! I am so touched by "the proposal" and the beauty of your words transported me to the "magical moments". Raquel, Jeff - you look so good and so right together! I really had a good time reading your posts, looking at the pictures and listening to the romantic music. I'm so proud of both of you. Congratulations! June 26, 2010 - Bring it

on! - we're ready for the good, good time!

John Michael Agahan

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Congratulations cuZZoh ;D Im happy for the both of you. Me and Jenny will see the both of you at the wedding.

Jenny Garcia Isada

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Congratulations to both of you..T'was a perfect love story. Stay in love!

Heather and Chris

Monday, April 5, 2010

Love your wedding website! We can't wait for the wedding =)


Friday, March 26, 2010



Thursday, March 11, 2010

I LOVE your website! It's the most creative one I have seen so far. I am so happy for you and Jeff and so excited to be apart of your big day! It's funny to think back 5 years ago...about how much has changed in our lives, but yet how much is still the same. Bring me much comfort and joy to know through all the changes our friendship is still the same. :) Congratulations!



Sarah Rillon

Monday, March 8, 2010

Such a beautiful story for a beautiful couple! So happy for the both of u! =)


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

CONGRATS to you guys!! Raq your one of the coolest girls i know and Jeff your one of the coolest guys I know, so its no wonder u guys are getting hitched! I have much love for you both and I'm so happy for you two.

Your wedding website is awesome too! Definitely rocks! I love it! When I was going through it I could hear your voices behind every word. Congrats again!

Cristina "T"

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sooooo happy for you both!!!! I always knew you guys were meant to be and its about time you guys are tying the knot...I couldn't ask for a better man for my bff!!!

Next step is moving to Cali, so we can be one big happy family again! lol

LOVE LOVE LOVE you both so much!!! <3


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Congrats guys. You deserve each other.

....Very niice site ......You made me feel "sooooooo in-love". :)

....So proud of you....mwah!

Ate Maricor and Kuya Rodge

Bianka McChristion - Milton

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I am sooo Happy for you two and can't wait to celebrate, cry, laugh, reminisce, etc.. You know I LOVE you and WILL ALWAYS be there for you and ever since I met Jeff while we were in undergrad I grew an immediate LOVE for him. I can't wait to have married couple trips :-) Your official welcome to the married woman club is soon coming ;-) Love Ya and Why did you make me cry with this site, GEESH


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ima grow out my toe nail for you and give it to yall for your wedding gift. hahaha. congrats guys!

Anna & Eric

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We're so excited for you guys! Eric says that engineers make the best husbands. LoL Congrats again and can't wait for the big day!! :)


Saturday, February 6, 2010



Friday, February 5, 2010

i told you!! everyday til the wedding!! 111 more days to go!!

Fatima Hilario "Ate Girlie"

Friday, February 5, 2010

So happy for you and Jeff. It seems like it was just yesterday that we just slept over at their house and now you guys are getting married. =') God bless you and Jeff! Will be seeing more and more of each other soon!

<3 LoveYouGuys! xoxoxo

Bernard Costa

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Can't wait to see the day that Raquel finally gets tied down!! =) love you both!!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wait - what...? You're getting married?!

It's about damn time!

Congrats to both of you!

Very impressed with the site - wouldn't expect any less from you. :)

Rose & Ray, Baby Rae & Baby Rose


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thanks for checking out our website! Feel free to drop a line or just to say hi! Come back soon for future updates! xoxo


Our Wedding


Where should we honeymoon?

Our Wedding

For Travelers

Taste of Chicago

Grant Park
Chicago, IL

Ahhhh - the Taste of Chicago. An excuse to eat whatever you want from a million different places and sample all that Chicago has to offer. This year, it's from June 25 - July 4. Thank goodness I can go stuff my face AFTER the wedding with no worries ;)

Crowded would be an understatement, but it's definitely a must-do experience for those not from the Windy City.

Straight from the website:

Taste of Chicago 2010 is Chicago's biggest event. Getting its start as a modest food festival on the Fourth of July in 1980, the Taste of Chicago has grown to be the world's largest outdoor food fest -- a gastronomical extravaganza attracting upwards of 3 million people each year. Taste of Chicago 2010 celebrates the 30th anniversary of the festival.

North Avenue Beach

North Avenue and Lakeshore Drive
Chicago, IL. 60610

So since it's actually a lake, there are no waves and the water is cold, but it's the closest thing to a beach we have!!! And the place to be on a hot, summer day to people-watch, catch a game of vball or have an ice cold one at the beach bar, Castaways. It gets crowded so weekday lounging is recommended if you need some elbow room.

Wrigley Field

1060 W. Addison
Chicago, IL. 60613

A Chicago summer is NOT complete without a game or few at Wrigley Field to cheer on the Cubs. Unfortunately, there are no home games that weekend, but Wrigleyville is filled with bars and good times. There are plenty of watering holes in the neighborhhod to catch a game at - the ambience is amazing!

Our Wedding


For all out-of-towners (and ALL guests looking to crash after open bar), accommodations are available through the WIT Hotel, where we are having our reception.


If you have a GOVERNMENT/MILITARY ID (or any other type of discount), you are entitled to deeper discounts. Please go directly to hotel website and book there or call.

Otherwise, Please mention the Roque/Dayson Wedding for the discounted room rate or book online:

A block of rooms have been reserved for June 25, 2010 - June 27, 2010. The special room rate will be available until May 26, 2010 or until the group block is sold-out, whichever comes first.

Additional Accommodations in the area TBA.

Our Wedding

Wedding Party - The Guys

Ronald Dayson

Best Man

In February of '06, Raquel and I drove Ron to California because he decided he wanted to move there to finish up school. It didn’t really hit me until we boarded the plane back to Chicago that my brother wasn’t coming back with us. We grew up doing everything together - from playing sports, video games, and video taping ourselves break dancing…to now talking on the phone seeing how his day went, hearing about his interesting inmate stories at work, or telling me what the reason was this time for Cheryl lecturing him again. For everyone who knows Ron, I’m sure we can all agree that he’s a genuinely good guy with a caring personality and is always in a happy mood. My best man and best friend, I am truly blessed to have him as my brother.

Tony Castro


Tony is the first person I met when I moved to Illinois back in '91 and since then he has always been like a brother to me. Drawing, reading comic books, playing chess and playing Street Fighter 2, while eating salty popcorn, was our ideal night back then. Now it’s just working to try and keep up with paying bills. But even though we don’t get to hang out as much now, he never stopped being a brother-like figure to me. Hilarious, entertaining, and a true friend are the words I would use to describe Tony.

Craig Hall


A close childhood friend, Craig is one of the goofiest guys I have ever met. He and I worked at the Commissary bagging groceries during high school, but I hardly saw him because every time our boss asked for volunteers to leave work early due to a slow day, he would be the first one raising his hand. But back in high school, we used to always clown and joke around which made our high school years one of the most memorable times of my life. A husband, father of 3 and student with a full-time job, he still manages to find time to hang out with his good buddy.

Chris Wu


On the way to the gym walking alongside some guy wearing no shirt the first day as a freshman at U of I is how I met Chris. We joined a 3 on 3 basketball tournament that night and knew right off the bat that that we would be long time friends. He's one of the smartest and most ambitious guys I know. I probably wouldn't have gotten through school without him. He helped me get through a lot of issues and since college, both living in different states, have maintained a tight friendship

Mark Dayson


My cousin Mark and I are alike in many ways - we're into cars, love to play ball, laugh like hyenas with the same humor and we both love stuffing our faces with good food. Every time we're together, we laugh constantly and are always cracking jokes. Visiting him and the family in Vegas is always something I look forward to every year. Last time I was there, he took me to his favorite hang out spot, Chippendales (j/k).

Rosauro Gube


Another childhood friend, Ross and I grew up doing almost everything together. Even though we spent most of our days doing non-productive things like driving around just to get out the house, going to places like the Dells with barely any money, or just acting like boneheads, we always had a good time just hanging out. Like most friendships, we've had our ups and downs, but at the end of the day we manage to iron out our issues as true friends do. And he's probably got one of the longest toe nails I've ever seen on a guy’s foot (see pic if you dare and cover your nose b/c you might smell it!!!).

Pat Fajardo


Pat was one of the very first people I met when we moved to Illinois. Another childhood buddy, Pat actually lived with us for a little bit and instantly became like another brother. We grew up on tennis, breaking, and hooking up our rice rocket cars. We were even talked into being part of a dance routine at HIN showing off the yellow highlights in our hair. But i'll never forget the time on my 21st bday party at my U of I apartment when he threw me on his shoulders and jumped off the balcony to run for no reason.

Jowell Villanueva


My first job ever was working with Jowell bagging groceries at the Navy Commissary. After working for tips, we both finally got our first real paycheck job perfecting the art of folding clothes at Nautica. Since then he has become one of my very close friends. Whether it was helping me put a bodykit on my ride or venting out during a round of golf, he's always been there to help me out.

Marcus Zamora


I met Marcus,PHD through Raquel when we first started dating. I never thought we'd be living with each other, but glad we do because I've grown to become real good friends with him. I'm hoping one day I can tee off with no shirt on the first hole hitting it 300 yards like him and not 300 yards in the negative direction hitting the clubhouse.

If Marcus was a girl, he would be standing on my (Raquel) side. But he wouldn't look too hot in a dress so it's a good thing that he has grown close to Jeff as well. Marcus was one of the first people I met at Lane Tech and quite possibly one of the longest friendships I have. We have our ups and downs and fight like brother and sister, but at the end of the day, he is such a big part of my life that he couldn't get away from being part of our big day.

Alexander Roque

Junior Groomsman

My big, baby nephew!

Glenn Mangubat


I knew of Glenn while playing in a basketball league way back in the day. We never really liked his team and both sides were very competitive every time we faced each other. Ironically, we became very good friends once we started working with each other at Nautica. Since then, we maintained a close relationship but kind of lost touch once he moved to Cali. Still living in different states,we manage to see each other once or twice a year and when we hang out, its just like the good old days of having fun. I'm just glad he's able to be a part of our wedding.

Brian Mangubat


I met Brian around the same time I met his brother Glenn. Brian is probably the only guy I know that likes school. In the next year or so, he'll probably have every type of degree possible. I always look up to someone like Brian b/c he's an overall good guy and loves to help out his family when he can. He's a very ambitious guy when it comes to school but still knows how to have a good time everytime we're out.

Brad Isada

Ring Bearer

This little boy was hand picked to be my ring bearer as soon as he was born. He's a smarty pants with the funniest comments and loves chess - he's definitely a match for Jeff and I don't even dare challenge him. lol.

Carl Joseph "CJ" Hilario

Coin Bearer

CJ is Fatima's son (MOH) and such a great addition to the family. He is the sweetest little boy ever who is always trying to help in some way. Not only is he beyond respectful, he is always concerned about everyone's well-being. He is a natural born sweetheart and is going to grow up to be such a heart breaker!

Conner Catama Smith

Coin Bearer

Baby Conner is the son of Cherrie Catama (MOH), and my little guy. He is the cutest bundle of joy and you just can't help but smile when being around him. He is also the first child of my best friend so he's totally getting spoiled! We're crossing our fingers that he will be able to make it down the aisle with CJ (he will be exactly 16 months come wedding day), but no biggie if he doesn't. I just want to see him in his little baby tux! :)

Our Wedding

Wedding Party - The Girls

Fatima Hilario


Fatima Silva Hilario is my cousin and sister I never had. Growing up, we would share all of our dreams, money and clothes! She has seen me through MANY phases, changes, ups and downs and never once let me down - ever! Once my partner in crime, she now takes the role as my go-to for all things wedding and inspiration. Her creativity and dedication not only keeps me sane, but makes the whole wedding planning process that much more fun! Thanks, ATE! I love you!

Linda Lee

Linda is my bestie model friend. hahha - I LOVE you! She and I had a very interesting start, but have come a long way since then. She is my advice guru and therapist and also happens to be one of the most creative and intelluctual persons I have ever met. We got SO much closer while doing business together, where most friendships would fall apart. No matter what, we always have so much to say and always have each other's back! Our conversation spans across the most trivial of subjects to the deepest of thoughts....she always manages to teach me something new! Oh, and she ROCKS with hair and makeup too! :)

Cristina Ventura

I think I met Tina's Oakton ID before I actually met her...LOL!!! Once just party buddies, we have gotten so close over the past TEN years from travelling, to shopping, to gossipping, to eating, to family parties, to just being bums. She's not only my bff, she's also my stylist and nurse. literally! :) We can basically have a whole conversation without saying a word - it's crazy! And even though she's out West now, we manage to remain close and know what's going on with each other's life. And I know there are many more adventures to come! Can't wait for Scottsdale! JUST US! :p

Cherrie Catama


Cherrie is the "Mommy" of the crew (now, literally!). We met way back when baggy pants were in and sneaking out was the thing to do. Over the years, we have grown so close, practically inseperable at one point. Whether we're having dinner, shots at the bar, exploring Europe, or just downloading music until 3am, it's always a blast and never a dull moment.

Anjh Isada


Anjh, forever known to me as Gigi, is my younger cousin and ex-roomie! When she moved in, it was so nice having another, younger female around that i can boss around! j/k! She is the sweetest little cousin who does listen well, but is opinionated and holds her ground. Her energy and smile is contagious and she is just super fun to be around. I know we will always be there for each other - and maybe even come up with a new routine or two...hahha!

Cheryl Dayson

Cheryl is Jeff's baby sister and soon to be mine! She has always been like the sister I never had, but always wanted. We are almost ALWAYS on the same page with everything and often finish each other's sentences. Kinda creepy, but pretty awesome. We know each other's tastes, styles, preferences, dislikes and moods. It helps that we were friends before Jeff came along - we have just grown much closer since! If I were to hand pick a little sister, she would be it - Jeff or no Jeff! But, thankfully, there is a Jeff! :)

Jerianne Guzman

Jerianne aka "Annabong" is one of Jeff's bffs and I couldn't ask for a cooler chick to have around. We have grown so close and she is the most stylish, best party/planner buddy ever! She has such a good eye for style that she is one of my go-to's because I value her opinions so much.

Joanne Nowak

Joanne - "Jojo" and i met at our first "real" job out of college - ahhh, Bancorp! We instantly became inseperable workplace bffs which turned into a lasting friendship. We kept in touch even as we both moved on and still manage to stay in each other's lives as much as we can. Reality TV, wine, joy-yees, and vent sessions will never get old! EVER! I love how we know so much about each other although we don't get together as often as I would like. We get each other. And that is hard to come by.

Nina Kousonsanong

Nina and I have gotten so much closer over the last couple of years. It all started in Europe! We both enjoyed people watching as much as sight seeing. Whenever you need a restaurant recommendation or want to know what's new in the city, this is the girl to turn to. She always knows next new thing and what's hot in the city. Travellers - this is your go-to girl! She loves making sure we're all having a good time and will go out of her way to help a friend. I'm glad to have a new hang-out buddy - whether it's planned or last minute - we manage to get together at least once a week!

Llysa Marie Librea


My not so little baby cousin. I remember when I was changing her diapers and making her cry for entertainment. Now, she's in her second year at UIC and almost legally able to drink. Gosh, they grow up so fast. <tear> This is my forever little girl and I would be lucky to have my daughter grow up to be like her - minus the attitude. juuuust kidding - I love you, llysa baby!

Shayla Isada


My main flower girl who has been waiting for this day for years. You and me both, sister! She's a bundle of fun and so talented and pretty! Maybe she'll honor us with one of her performances...

Arantxa Nicole Labtis

Flower Girl

Arantxa, known to the family as "Chloe", is the sweetest little girl ever. She's polite with such good manners and always laughing or smiling about something. She's so cute and goofy that you can't help but to laugh with her.

Our Wedding

Wedding Party


To Light Our Way:

Stella Shon

Stella and I met under interesting circumstances, but once we got to know each other, we instantly built a solid friendship that has lasted over a decade. We always manage to stay in the know with each other's lives and pick up where we left off. I know we will always be there for each other. She is also how Jeff and I got together in the first place. Not only did she introduce us, but she really pushed me to start dating him because I needed a "good" guy in my life and for that, I am forever grateful! There is no clearer choice as to who should light our way than the one who brought us together!

Bernard Costa

"Bhee" is my best friend and confidant. He has my back even when he knows I'm wrong, listens to my stories on repeat with no complaints, brings me food when I'm hungry, takes me into his home for weeks at a time and will do anything to make it better. And I would do the same in a heartbeat. I mean...we can do anything and everything together and have a good time. He is the most easy-going, understanding guy in the world with the chillest attitude. Also super smart and talented, there is no other brother from another mother for me.

To Clothe Us As One:

Bianka McChristion - Milton - Veil

Mrs. Bianka with a "K" and I hit it off from day one. In college, we were almost always together in and out of class. We were the coolest nerds around! :) And we have been in each other's lives ever since. I know she will always be there for me as I will be for her. This is a woman who is beyond admirable and who definitely makes her presence known. PF Changs will never be the same! :)

Lemuel Censon - Veil

Oh Lem - perhaps my first "Kuya" at Lane freshman year. He says we met b/c he caught me eating his fries w/o even asking. Totally something I would do. :) However, we got close since we were the only two Flips who lived in the 'hood and took the same bus going home. He was probably my only friend that my mom trusted and she would let him use her car to drive us around. But then again, he was also the oldest and got his liscense first. hahahh, j/k. Over the years, we remained tight even after he moved to San Diego - partly due to my 10x a year visits. :)

To Bind Us Together:

Maricor Vergara

My Ate Maricor is also part of our event planning committee. She has AMAZING ideas, is always enthusiastic and happy and is just such a joy to be around. No, seriously, I don't think I have ever seen this lovely lady down...ever! Did I mention she is also an awesome dancer and used to choreograph us cousins when we were younger?! And that her and Tita Sherry Ann (wedding coordinator) are MAKING my veil? Yep, she is pretty amazing (along with the rest of my awesome familia). I'm so blessed for all of her help!

Richard Roque

My oldest bro with a heart of gold. When he loves, he LOVES - and will do anything for those he loves. He also introduced me to the wonderful world of anime and sushi at the tender age of seven. lol. I swear he must secretly be Japanese. He and my other bro were my male figures growing up and the closest thing to a father I got so I am very happy for him to be part of the most important part of the day - let's just hope he doesn't tie the knot TOO tight... =p

Our Wedding

Directions & Parking

To the Church

1850 North Hermitage Avenue

Chicago, IL. 60622


From the North: Take 90/94 Dan Ryan to Chicago, exit Armitage Street. Turn right on Armitage Street upon exiting and make a prompt left onto Hermitage Street. Drive one block - Church and church parking lot will be on the right side.

From the South: Take 90/94 Dan Ryan to Chicago to Armitage Street. Turn left on Armitage Street upon exit. Make a left onto Hermitage Street. Drive one block - Church and church parking lot will be on the right side.

To the Hotel

The WIT Hotel

201 N. State Street

Chicago, IL. 60601



From the North: Take 90/94 Dan Ryan to Chicago to Washington Street. Turn left on Washington Street to State Street. Make a left on State Street. Hotel is located on the Northeast corner of State and Lake Streets.

From the South: Take 90/94 Dan Ryan to Chicago to Lake Street (exit 51A). Turn right on Lake Street to State Street. Make a left. Hotel is located on the Northeast corner of State and Lake Streets.

From the West: Take 290 Eisenhower to Chicago 290 which will change to W. Congress Pkwy. Turn Left on State Street. Hotel is located on the Northeast corner of State and Lake Streets.


Take 90/94 E Dan Ryan to Chicago to Washington Street. Turn left on Washington Street to State Street. Make a left on State Street. Hotel is located on the Northeast corner of State and Lake Streets.


By Train to/from O'Hare:

Catch a Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Blue Line train to theWit, a Doubletree Hotel. The Blue line, Clark & Lake station is just 2 blocks from our hotel, making it easy to travel to and from O'Hare Airport that is less than a 45 min ride to theWit, a Doubletree Hotel.

By Train to/from Midway:

From the State and Lake Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) station just outside our door, catch the Orange line to Midway Airport that is less than a 30 minute ride.

By Train within Chicago:

Choose from the Red, Orange, Green, Brown, Pink and Purple Lines to visit multiple destinations within Chicago. Interactive maps can be found at


24 hour valet service located on State Street, just north of the intersection of State and Lake, at the main entrance of hotel.

Event Valet parking - $25.

Overnight Valet - $45, unlimited in and out service.

Self Park available on 181 N. Dearborn (1 block west of State Street) and 20 East Randolph (1 block south of Lake Street.)

Our Wedding

Wedding Events

Wedding Ceremony

Saturday, June 26, 2010 - 12:45 pm

St. Mary of the Angels
1850 North Hermitage Avenue
Chicago, IL. 60622

Wedding Reception

Saturday, June 26, 2010 - 5:30 pm

The WIT Hotel
201 N. State Street
Chicago, IL. 60601

Valet parking available for $25 per vehicle.

Cocktail Hour will begin promptly at 5:30pm lasting until 6:30pm on the Roof of the WIT hotel located on the 27th floor.

Dinner and dancing following immediately in the banquet room of the WIT hotel.

Our Wedding

Pre-Wedding Events

Bachelor Party - April 15 - 18, 2010

VEGAS, BABY! "Hangover" style.

Bachelorette Party - May 19 - 24, 2010

A wild evening of knitting - in LA and Vegas :)

Wedding Shower - May 8, 2010 - 3pm - 6pm

Lincolnwood, IL.

Church Rehearsal - June 24, 2010 - 6:15pm

St. Mary of the Angels

1850 North Hermitage Avenue

Chicago, IL. 60622


Dinner Rehearsal - TBA

Immediately following Church rehearsal.

About Us

Our Family

Gloria I. Roque

Mommy of the Bride

This superwoman is not only my mom, but she is my father, sister, best friend and my rock.

Richard Roque and Reginald Roque

Brothers of the Bride

Growing up, my bros really looked out for their kid sister. :) They are so different, but yet so alike and have each taught me different lessons in life.

Alexander Roque

Nephew of the Bride

My adorable nephew Alex, who refers to him self as the "freak", due to him being half Filipino and half Greek. Oh so witty. He came up with that when he was all of three, I think. We were having grown-up conversations by the time he was four. And now that he is 14, I can't even keep up. Such a smart kid. But it's no fun when your adolescent nephew knows more than you. At least he's polite enough not to rub it in. =)

Gloria Isada

Grandmother of the Bride

"Mama" is the soul of our family. As a mother of ten, and grandmother to ALOT (maybe 30?), she knows everything. I'm serious. She helped raise me and her wit, stories, and love for coffee is so amusing - anyone would be blessed to be around her. And I'm her favorite! (or so I like to think). haha.

MIKO "bang"

Nothing beats coming home to someone always so eager to see you, tennis ball (or any toy around) in mouth, ready to play. Jeff actually sold his rims (on his old civic) in order to take this furry fella home in time for my birthday! He brings such joy and entertainment to us and I can't even remember how life was before him.

Jose and Corazon Dayson

Parents of the Groom

Jeff's Parents a word - Awesome! They immediately welcomed me into the family and are such caring people. His mom makes the best filipino food in the Midwest and his dad is always cracking jokes. I am truly blessed to be able to call them family!

Cheryl Dayson and Ron Dayson

Siblings of the Groom

Growing up, I relished in being the youngest. But having these two as younger siblings really is one of the greatest additions to my life. They both offer what I missed growing up and make me long for the holidays THAT much more. Whenever they make their way back here from Cali, it's always such a treat!

Sherry-Ann Isada

Wedding Coordinator

Tita Ann is my Tito Lito's wife and one of the coolest aunts ever. Not only is she a beautiful addition to our family, but she is also the mother of my ring bearer and flower girl. I am so grateful that she will be Coordinator of the wedding and I know she will be such a great help during the wedding and will provide amazing advice and ideas along the way.

Lalaine I. Alvarez

Principal Sponsor

Tita Lalaine is one of the "event planners" of the family and always coming up with great ideas for entertainment. She really inspired me through the years with her creativity, advice and amazing work. She will be helping me with pictures and videos and planning. She and her husband, Tito Joy, are always so animated and I just know that Tita Lalaine is going to find a way to make me cry the day of the wedding!

Sally I. Librea

Principal Sponsor

Tita Sally is one of my go-to aunts for all - and also mother to my junior bridesmaid, LLysa. Tita Sal always makes me laugh and she and her husband, Tito Edd always have some great stories to share! She has been so helpful with ideas and suggestions thus far, making my life so much easier! She is always straight forward and pushes me to be a better "role model".

Fatima I. Rocha

Principal Sponsor

Tita Mai always has something funny to say. She doesn't hold back at all! I see her the most because she and my mom are always together and she is mother to my matron of honor. She is a math whiz and not only teaches it, but tutored me as a child as well. I am honored that she will also be one of the sponsors of the wedding.

Erla Isada

Principal Sponsor

My Tita Erla moved in with us back when I was 18 and spoiled me rotten with her home cooked meals. She and my late and beloved Tito Toti were always so eager to help my mom and I anyway they can. It was comforting to have a man around the house to help and "protect" us if need be. It was also so nice to come home to a fragrant home and a hot, home cooked meal every night. Tita Erla is also an amazing seamstress and was always willing to help me last minute anytime I needed something. I was sad when she and the rest of the family moved out becuase it was so nice having a second mom around!

Cora Isada

Principal Sponsor

My Tita Cora is sooo soooo sweet! Just being around her gives you a sense of warmth. She was really good friends with my mom before she married my uncle so she was already family way before. I am so happy that she is able to be here for our wedding. She just came from the Philippines in March so I can't wait to spend some time catching up!

Carlito G. Isada

Principal Sponsor

Growing up, Tito Lito was always around. And when he wasn't, I was looking for him. I always counted on him for having something silly to say or taking us out to get ice cream. We always did ridiculous "what if" questions when I was younger and I still do that to this day! When he introduced me to his then girlfriend (Tita Ann) via phone, I felt sooo special! Oh, and being another Engineer in the family, he and Jeff have a lot to talk about too.

Antonio G. Isada

Principal Sponsor

Tito Tony is one of my mentors growing up. He and my Tita Marcia always are so welcoming and her cooking is amazing! Tito Tony pushes me to be better, do more and encourages me to put 100% all of the time. I used to think he was hard on me, but as I got older, I realized that he just truly believes in my potential. He has taught me soooo much about finance and has opened up many doors that I didn't realize were there.

Manuel Isada

Principal Sponsor

Tito Manuel is a man of few words, but when he speaks, you will listen. He and his wife, Tita Maris, always are so welcoming with something funny to share. He and Jeff immediately got along due to their engineering background and can talk forever about it. Boooooring. j/k. It's great that they have that connection and especially entertaining when cocktails are involved!

Mr. Paul Najera

Principal Sponsor

My Uncle Paul is the husband of my beloved late father's favorite sister, Tita Elda. Seeing them and the rest of their family is always so nice because it reminds me so much of my dad. Even though Uncle Paul isn't technically a "Roque", he is representing my Roque side and I am so blessed and honored to have him as a sponsor. Fond memories are flowing as I type and I can't wait to get reunited with them and my cousins!!!

Mr. Herman and Mrs. Tessie Monton

Principal Sponsor

We grew up with the Monton family as our neighbors. I love going over there house because Auntie Tessie is such a great cook just like my mom!

Mr. Willie and Mrs. Nanette Agahan

Principal Sponsor

It's always a joy to be around my Uncle Willie and Auntie Nanette. A family get together wouldn't be complete without them because they're the life of the party and always so caring.

Mr. Paul Mangaran

Principal Sponsor

Our family has known the Mangaran's since we moved to Illinois. I need to better my golf game to keep up with Uncle Paul because he's always got a better score card even only after 9 holes.

Mrs. Lisa Dayson

Principal Sponsor

I find myself always in a happy mood when around my Auntie LIsa because she's always got a contagious smile on her face.

Mr. Rey and Mrs. Joy Dayson

Principal Sponsor

It's always a great time being around my Uncle Rey and Auntie Joy. They both are very funny and always love hearing their stories (especially when Auntie Joy explains how she met my Uncle Rey).

Mr. Gerry Guzman

Principal Sponsor

My Uncle Jerry and I have been neighbors for a while and love going over his house b/c of the bbq's and especially the crab leg buffet. I'm usually over their house often not only for the get togethers, but also because he's always fixing my car.

About Us

The Proposal

Raquel's Version:

The day began as any regular old Tuesday (March 3rd, 2009). Jeff and I are normally in constant contact throughout the day - a minute here, five minutes there. It's always the usual "What are you doing?", "What time is dinner?", "Should I go to the gym?", etc. He said he would be home later so I made plans to go to the gym and then dinner with Tina and Nina. As I was going to the gym, Jeff suggested I take two classes since I have been slacking on my workout routine (grrr!) - I was going to anyway so I didn't think much of it. I had a few missed calls from Jeff while I was at the gym so I called him back as soon as I was done and he bombards me with a whirlwind of questions like where I am, what time will I be home, and so on. I was on the way home so I told him I would be home in about 15 minutes. He asked me to call him when I got close. I didn't call (ooops!) so then he calls me again as I'm exiting and tells me to park in the garage and asks if I can go to McDonald's to pick him up some food since I had already made dinner plans. I agree and again tells me to call when I am at the drive-thru. this point, I'm five minutes away from Mickey D's so I am getting a little bit annoyed that he didn't already have his order. I do as he asks and call once I'm there. I ask for his order and he hesitates and finally says forget it - that he'll just eat something at home. Now frustrated, I huff and puff something sarcastic and hang up on him. Once parked in the garage, I take the elevator up and notice there are rose petals all over the elevator floor. Confused, I think for a split second, "ooooh could this be for me?". I tell myself that if the rose petals are leading to my front door on the 5th floor then it is - otherwise, I'm just wishful thinking. When there were no flowers on the 5th floor, I quickly vanish any thoughts of anything romantic and laugh at myself for being silly. Plus, I was in gym clothes - so not cute!

I make my way to the front of my door, wondering if the rose petals were meant for some lucky lady or if there was a fight that caused some poor lady to beat her man with the roses given to her...hmmmm. As I unlock and open my door, I notice a warm glow illuminating my front foyer...and ROSE PETALS! I gasped and my heart literally stopped beating for a moment...or maybe it was beating 50,000 beats per second. Right then and there I KNEW that I was the lucky lady! I slowly walk into our long hallway, now covered in rose petals and lit up along the sides by candles. Still unable to breathe with a million thoughts racing through my mind, I manage to whisper Jeff's name and ask where he is. His voice comes from the bedroom instructing me to follow the trail of rose petals. I felt as though I was in slow motion, every step leading me closer to what I'm hoping is the official beginning of OUR future together...

As I open the door, I see Jeff (decked out with a shirt and tie, looking too cute and "ready") standing in front of the nightstand with candles and more rose petals perfectly positioned in front of a collage of our pictures and giving the room a romantic glow. He begins to tell me how much he loves me and honestly I was already crying and overwhelmed with my thoughts of "YESSSSS!" in my head that I can only clearly remember the last part: "If there was ever any doubt that I want you to be my wife, I want it to stop now" as he got down on one knee and said those four (music to my ears) words, "Will you marry me?" and presents the ring. Now BALLING, I picked him up from the ground and hugged him sooooo tightly, wetting his nicely pressed shirt with my tears of joy!!! Next thing I hear is, "well???". OMG, YESSS! Of course! When he put the ring on, it fit perfectly and is just, well, perfect for me. Then I yell at him for doing it when I was all crusty from the gym. But when he tells me that it doesn't matter if I'm dolled up or not because he loves me best when I'm natural, I come to realize that I am marrying the best man ever! And plus, he needed to catch me at a random time because anytime he trys to plan something, I tend to override it with my suggestions...hehe.

I am still in a daze and go through the rooms again, admiring his handy work. Turns out, he needed to stall me more since he had to pluck three dozen roses because the flower shop he went to was out of petals. lol. I immediately cancel my dinner plans (doi!), jump in the shower and we go to our favorite sushi restaurant, Usagi Ya, to celebrate! On the way home, after a delicious dinner and our first official wedding talk, I mention how I wish I could tell the whole world. He says I should - but I really want my mom to be the first to know. She was in the Phillippines at the time, arriving the very next day, so I figured I could wait to share the news to all. And then he surprises me once again by telling me that she already knew...he had asked her permission and had "the talk" a month ago, on the day she left. Crying once again, I immediately send a mass text and call my Tita 'event planner' Lalaine and grandmother (and got a whole lot of calls as well)...and the rest is history...

Knowing my ring size and questionable emails from my mom constantly asking what was "new" while she was away ALL made sense now...

Jeff's Version:

She said YES. the end.

-Ok, juuuust kidding - Jeff's view:

It was a week into February of '09 and Raquel's mom had planned to go to the Philippines for about a month. Before she left I asked permission to marry her daughter and as soon as she gave me the green light, ring shopping I went.

It all happened on 3.3.09 (a Tuesday) and the day started off with waiting around at my parent’s house. The ring was finally delivered late that morning. Initially, I had wanted to propose to her that upcoming weekend so I would have more time to plan, but just remembered that Raquel's mom was coming home from the Philippines tomorrow!! If I hadn’t proposed by the time Raquel's mom came back, I figured she would bombard me with a million questions such as "Why didn’t you propose yet" or "Are you scared?" So I decided to do it that night. I figured since it was a random weekday, maybe it would catch her off guard and she'd be surprised. So then I called her to find out what she had going on after work and she told me she was going to the gym and then dinner with her friends. Since I decided to propose that night, I didn't have much planned, but I encouraged her to take an extra class and decided to just plan something at home while she was at the gym. Not really creative when it comes to being a romantic, I figured I couldn't go wrong with decorating our place with candles and roses. That day I was using Raquel's car to get around, but since she was going to the gym, I had to find a ride. And so I called my friend, Julio, who lives down the street, to drive me to the store to get the stuff, but with only a two hour window to get everything and decorate, we were running out of time.

As soon as we got back to my place, we only had about 30 minutes to set everything up, but somehow, we managed to peel the petals off 3 dozen roses, light about 50 candles and position everything in place just in time. I then called Raquel to find out her location and told me she had just parked, so Julio and his daughter, Jillian, rushed out and I quickly threw on some better looking clothes than what I had on to look a little more presentable. Getting everything set up just in time was a relief, but as I was waiting in the room for Raquel, I started to panic and got so nervous that I forgot what I was going to say. I felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest and since I’m not the greatest with words and not good at expressing myself, that didn’t help calm my nerves. But I thought to myself, “Just remember to propose." Waiting in the bedroom, I heard her slowly walking down the hallway and as soon as she opened the door she paused for a moment and took a look at me as tears started running down her cheeks. I then expressed my feelings and finally asked the big question. One minute had passed and still no answer. All I kept thinking was, “I hope I didn’t say anything corny that killed the mood." This had to be the longest minute of my life...many candles lit all around, heating up the bedroom and sweat running down my face from the nerves - all while being in an uncomfortable position, kneeling on the floor with a crippled back. But finally she answered YES! My immediate thoughts were, “YES, she didn’t say no!”

If I hadn’t written this down and if someone were to ask me years and years from now how I proposed, I would probably forget most of the day because it all happened so fast. But there’s one thing I’ll never forget....the smile on her face when I put the ring on her finger.

About Us

The Start of Something Uber

I remember the night I met Jeff as though it happened yesterday. It was a Tuesday night, May 15, to be exact, and I had planned to stay in and get up early for school. My group of fun-loving girls also known as 515 called me that night to go out and celebrate since it was indeed 5/15. Normally not one to turn down ANY type of offer to go out and have some fun with my ladies, I kindly declined, causing shock to all. I promised to make it up on the weekend, etc. After a few minutes of high-pitched attitude, I hung up and proceeded with my studies. kind of. An hour later, I hear my doorbell ringing, knocks on my living room window, and ringing from my cell phone. Guess who? My now hard-headed girls. Since the bar of choice, Sub-teez, was a mere few blocks away from my house, they decided not to take NO for an answer. sigh. I finally agree and as I get ready to leave, Gina stops me and, not asks, but TELLS me to change. Clearly, I wasn't looking good enough to go out for "a little while". So I agree to change and spruce myself up a bit. Off we go to celebrate our friendship. In the midst of our fun, a (super cute) random guy comes up and dances behind me. So we dance a bit and some of my girls know who this dude is. Cheryl Dayson's brother, Jeff Dayson. My first thought - Cheryl has a brother??? Little did I know that Stella would later be introducing me to my future husband that night. It must have been the outfit change that caught his eye. Some may call it coincidence, some may call it fate - I call it lucky. Lucky that my girls dragged me out and LUCKY that I met my new best friend and the love of my life! He was still attending UofI so we started off slow (about 8 months of talking before being serious), but through many of life's challenges, ups and downs, hard work and compromise, and a MIKO, we managed to keep our love going and growing and I can honestly say I am truly at the happiest point of my life and it's all thanks to Mr. Jeffrey Dayson (and Miko).

Who says you can't find love in da club? :)

There is no greater ending than knowing there will be no end. ~ Raquel Roque


Wedding Stuff


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Greetings Everyone!

We will FINALLY be going on our official HONEYMOON to the Cayman Islands - WOO-HOO! We leave Tuesday, Jan 11, 2011 and couldn't be more excited to be gone and out of this cold for almost 2 weeks. It's really 10 days, but still! =)

And yes, sorry for the switch-up on destination. Our quiz didn't do much good, I But just so you know Australia was our top choice - I just didn't have enough PTO to spend the 3 + weeks I would have liked. Sigh.

As some of you know, we did go on a mini honeymoon after the wedding to Michigan. It was super close, relaxing and just what we needed. Chicago summers are so short that I wanted to enjoy the Midwest to the FULLEST when it's warm out! That's why leaving in rigid January is PERFECT!

Married life is going great so far! I hope everyone is having a great start to 2011! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

Invites Made and Sent!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

After the tedious, yet enjoyable task of creating our invites, we have finally sent them out! Please, PLEASE RSVP as soon as you are able! This will help us ALOT! After all, we would like to still have hair left the day of the wedding. :) I will be updating my online RSVP here soon as a back up - but good ol' snail mail is tried and true.

Save-the-Dates Sent

Monday, February 1, 2010

As of Feb 1, we officially sent out our Save-the-Dates. Sooo we kinda dragged a bit, but I still think it's decent timing (considering it's from me). We spent the whole weekend prior staying in to make these bad boys and it was pretty darn fun! Kinda like our first DIY task as fiances. haha.

Our Wedding Colors

Thursday, January 1, 1970

Truffle and Fuschia with accents of Burnt Orange.



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    Raquel Dayson & Jeff Dayson

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    Raquel Dayson & Jeff Dayson

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    Raquel Dayson & Jeff Dayson

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    Raquel Dayson & Jeff Dayson

    June 26, 2010

    Raquel Dayson & Jeff Dayson

    June 26, 2010

    Raquel Dayson & Jeff Dayson

    June 26, 2010

    Raquel Dayson & Jeff Dayson

    June 26, 2010

    Raquel Dayson & Jeff Dayson

    June 26, 2010

    Raquel Dayson & Jeff Dayson

    June 26, 2010

    Raquel Dayson & Jeff Dayson

    June 26, 2010

    Raquel Dayson & Jeff Dayson

    June 26, 2010

    Raquel Dayson & Jeff Dayson

    June 26, 2010

    Raquel Dayson & Jeff Dayson

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    Raquel Dayson & Jeff Dayson

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    Raquel Dayson & Jeff Dayson

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    Raquel Dayson & Jeff Dayson

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